Sunday, January 25, 2015

I SPY Family Room DIYs

Every room in my house is full of DIYs and the Family Room is no exception.  My kids all say that this is their favorite room in the house.  Could it be the ginormous television?  Possibly, or maybe it is just that we spend a lot of vegging out time on this couch in particular.  Most times the kids are fighting for the perfect L spot on the sectional.  Here is that favorite vegging out couch with a gallery of art above.

The fish picture is actually wrapping paper that I got from Paper Source and mode podged onto a canvas.  It had the perfect colors for my family room and was such an easy project. For about ten dollars I was able to get a pretty high impact piece of "art" for that wall.

I made this piece below and it is all of the important dates in our family.  It is above the fish picture in the gallery.  I modge podged newspaper on canvas and then placed stickers with the dates on the newspaper.  I then painted over the newspaper and peeled the stickers off.  I like this little personal piece of "art."  It is especially useful when I am having my memory issues.  I seriously can never remember my husband's birthday or our anniversary--very strange----

On the other wall above the couch I made this picture holder.   I made it with old wood from a fence that I helped take down at my parent's lake house.  They were just going to dump it, but it was such nice looking old wood.  I jumped at the chance to take it.  I made this, three raised vegetable beds, a shelving unit in my sons bedroom, and there is still a lot of wood left!

These little guys my husband and I make in the summer and give as presents.  Very easy....just cut up a pretty substantial branch and then drill holes in it.  Succulents live pretty easily in here with not much maintenance.

The curtains in the background I made with the help of a tutorial by Carmel at Our Fifth House.

In this next picture I made the picture frames on the wall with the help of a tutorial from Dear Lillie.

Just some pictures from around the room and some with the cutest but lately the naughtiest chiweenie around.

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