Sunday, January 18, 2015


I always enjoy knowing a little about the people I read about, so here are some tidbits about me and my life.....

I have three great kids: a boy who is 13 and two girls..... 10 and 9.

I used to be a middle school English teacher and went back to school to be a school counselor.  On most days I love my job.

My husband is the high school principal in our town-My son will be going to this high school next year.....this will be interesting.....

We have two rescue dogs...They are sweethearts.  The older one has cancer, and I am currently treating her homeopathically....things are going well.

For some reason I am anti-Facebook, but now I am blogging.  A little bit of a contradiction, I know.

I love Ebay.  If there is something I want, I often try to find it on Ebay for a better price.

I am very freaked out by bed bugs.

My favorite coffee is French Roast made in a Bialetti coffee maker.

Fuzzy socks are a necessity.

I love to play practical jokes on people.  I wish I could work for a show like Impractical Jokers or Candid Camera---does that show even exist anymore?

My best friend died from cancer three years ago.  I still think about her every day and miss her terribly.

In the summer we go to my parent's lake house or my in-law's lake house a lot.  We are so lucky to have those options.  I will be redoing my in-law's lake house kitchen this winter.  That will be a good before and after!

We have wonderful blessed.

My sister is the only person outside my immediate family that knows I started this blog.

I get terrible migraines and have since high school.

I lived in Costa Rica for a year with my husband and son---that was an experience!

My goal is to post at least two times a week.

I am a quarter Asian.  My mom is from the Philippines.

Have a Happy MLK Day!

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