Sunday, January 11, 2015

P Squared

P Squared stands for projects/pastimes.  This is how I spend all of my spare time.  I love to do projects.  I see something on a blog, pinterest, or magazine, and I try to replicate it in my spare time.  It can be a DIY home project, copying a painting that an artist has done, surfing the web and finding awesome stuff on Ebay, or trolling through a thrift shop and finding a gem of a goodie.  This is where I would like to start sharing these things.  The last four years or so I have religiously woken up at the crack of dawn -4 am- to read people's blogs- Why 4 am? you may be get all my other stuff done in the morning like make kid's lunches, get myself organized, pick up the house, etc.  This year I am going to put myself out there and attempt to start one myself.  While doing all of this I am creating a home that my family feels comfortable in, raising three kids, and working a full-time job as a school counselor.  That's where this blog is coming from and a little bit about myself.  

One of my absolute favorite parts of blog reading is looking at other people's homes.  So that is the first thing I will do is start showing you my house and some of the projects I have done in each room.  

My house is a standard colonial that I have lived in for about three years.  I am trying to give it personality and charm on that dreaded word a.... budget, but hey that's reality.  The first room you walk in is the living room.  When we were house shopping I really wanted a more open-concept house, but we could not find one in the specific town we needed to buy in and at our price point.  So we have a more closed up traditional house.  We do use this room a lot, and I am starting to appreciate having separate rooms!

So here are some pictures of the living room.

In the first picture the project that I struggled through was doing wallpaper panels.  I really needed to add something interesting to a very bland room.  I thought about stenciling the wall and really loved Design Megillah's entrance wall, but she clearly stated that she would have done wallpaper over stenciling if she did it again.  The wallpaper was a piece of cake but putting the molding up was really tough.  I do not have the patience for tiny details.  From afar the panels look great, but don't look too closely or you will see all my mistakes.  I won't shoot any close-ups.

The second picture did not require me to do any projects.  It is an old, antique fridge that I inherited from when I was in college being a nanny to a family that had really cool antiques.  The mirror is something that I pined for after seeing it on Jenny Komenda's blog years ago.  I waited for it to be on sale at Pier One and used a coupon.  I think I saved like $150.  Score.  You can barely see it but there is this awesome branch in the vase that I found walking my dogs- It is all curly and crazy and I love it!

Third picture...I made my own chalk paint with the color graphite and painted the piano.  Somehow the paint color turned out this crazy dark grayish blue.  I painted my mud room the same color and it is more like black.  I cannot figure it out!  Disco ball...I followed along with everyone else in blog land and got a disco ball for Christmas last year.  My in-laws think I am so weird....a disco ball....Why????  Because it is awesome!!! and it is.  The reflections in the morning are the best!

Jumping to the last picture...Heart rocks....My parents have a house right off Lake Michigan and my mom and daughters always look for heart-shaped rocks.  They are sweet.  Sometimes we paint them.  A few are on the table.....



  1. So exciting! Congrats on your new blogging venture! You have so many gorgeous accessories - those candlesticks are amazing!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world!! xoxo

  3. love the wallpaper in that room, and i collect heart shaped rocks from our travels, too.

  4. Congrats on your new blog! Love your pillows! Beautiful room - xxoo